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The Padlet Bubble region of space of ubiquitous computing

A couple of years back I predicted that computers would be free, i.e. subsidized by telcos so that they can sell ADSL, 3GPP , or whatever will be the current connectivity fancy. It was apparent to me that manufacturing costs were extremely low and access charges could easily pay for them. At the time I was thinking of desktop PCs shipped to kids and grown ups alike. These PCs would be tied to the providers’ network and offered with a simple leasing plan. I am loath to admit that I was not entirely right.

With the advent of iOS,Android,ChromeOS,iPad,ChromeBook etc, we are entering the Padlet Bubble region of space. It has come to pass that computing devices have become ubiquitous, yet unlike whatever I imagined. I thought they would be like a classic computer with a keyboard and mouse and not the mutation of an old beast: a strokable intelligent screen.

So I will now recast my predictions, deep breath, crystal ball focus: The advent of free computing is upon us already, not much of a prediction there. Computing hand held devices will be the mainstream computing means of the new era. As the laptop has taken a bite out of desktop sales , so will tablets steal market share from laptops and desktops alike. We already have multicore pads, all they have to do is grow up a little and become more computer than phone. Give them an HDMI interface and a decent USB port and there you have it, who needs a laptop any more ? We will even see the almost extinct internet shop rise up again and offer docking and/or storage services to tablet owners looking for a faster/cheaper connection instead of their telco connection, or a large screen for an online game.

Now for a slightly more extreme prediction: E-paper will become cheaper and less power hungry. Padlets with rollable / extendable e-paper displays will become extremely sought after. Just think unfolding a large screen from the side of your pad and watch full size …tube videos, or play online games on decent sized display.

Crystal ball is out, don’t get me started on security of those devices.

Padlets = Pads/Tablets