Monthly Archives: August 2013

So many quotes, so little wisdom.

There are too many quotes from so many famous/important/pretty/rich/whathaveyou people. We are being overwhelmed with trivialities in the form of quotes.

I have observed that nations with limited culture and traditions of tolerance and exchange of ideas tend to reduce their collective knowledge into a jumble of quotes. I am starting to believe that the modern entrepreneurial ecosystems, the business nations, are in regression by the simple observation that there is a sea of quotes available online but the wise people who condensed their wisdom into such a quote are inexistent. What I am trying to say is that we are being inundated by pretentious self-important quotes that contain no more than common sense observations.

I too am fond of a clever pun and a fan of Heinlein’s quotes. But Heinlein always had a story to go with the quote, he never hid behind them or left them dangling like participles . So please, offer me not the quotes of such and so a billionaire, successful guy or girl or not. I would rather have a good story to read with a bit of a hidden value and a quote that is more than what I utter in every day life.