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NoSQL no no no

It is not easy to call somebody’s work garbage, or as Torvalds likes to calls some code “idiotic”, because some people have invested time and intelligence into creating their Magnum Opus. Yet some of that software is definitely wayward much in the fashion of teenage children.

Take for example the latest CouchDB craze. The designers of that product thought that computers do not need to always recalculate the data humans demand out of them, so just pre-calculate everything and present it when it is asked for. Now hold on, the strong point about computers is lightning fast repeated calculations without deviations. The strong point about human and RNA at large memory is quick access to vast amounts of information even lossy sometimes. So we now have a paradigm that we are using the worse of both worlds, a db that remembers calculations. Why bother? especially when it explodes a few megabytes of data into a quazillion of storage. Re-indexing also takes forever and oh OPs are not that bad.

Which leads me to the next major contender, mongodb, which in the paper seem to be OK. Now don’t get me started with the master-slave situation on mongoDB. If you restart the slave with autoresync, it of course resyncs …. from start after purging all its data! As for sharding buh humbug. Only the master has write permission which may not be transferred on a subsequent master election.

Sorry guys and gals, you got it wrong, NoSQL is no panaceia, it will remain a fringe paradigm.

European Parliament Daftness

On Apr 18 2013 Hannes Swoboda of the Europan Parliament proposed that elected Turkish Cypriot officials participate in the European Parliament.

My response letter to Hannes Swoboda:

Dear Sir:

To my great astonishment I read that you propose that Turkish Cypriots Should be elected in the European Parliament! Does this mean that the inhabitants of any rapacious country that have invaded any European sovereign territory should be represented as equals too? Maybe we should allow Iranian government officials to lecture us on womens’ right too, or even better allow the re-emergent Nazi parties to participate in immigration reform.

Waiting for your no doubt eloquent answer so that I can forward it to any ultra nationalists world wide that consider European leftists to have gone daft.

Angelos Karageorgiou