Monthly Archives: October 2013

Great places to work

Yesterday I had a revelation, I like my place of employment, but why do I like OpenBet more than some others that I have been through?

So I started to wonder “What makes a great place to work”? The free coffee, snacks, perks, see-saws, ottomans, laptops, massages, to be paid on time etc. etc ? Quite frankly I believe that it is the complete lack of office politics and to some extend I have to congratulate the absence of middle managers for that.

OpenBet, at least its Athens branch, is practically a flat organization. Almost all employees are at the same level of hierarchy even though the place is rife with senior and junior titles. But even that is not enough to create a good work place. The magic glue is the employees themselves. All of them are highly skilled engineers, I mean come on some PMs have Math PhDs, they are sure of themselves and their abilities and are productive too. If one gets stuck the whole team falls upon him/her to help them out. There is no jockeying or jostling for position, the position is the quality of the code produced as it should be for software engineers. I just wish all the “Greek Managers” would come by for a visit and see what is going on here, it would be a great eye opener.

As Sartre said “Hell is the other people”, I am just contend that my colleagues are not daemons 🙂