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Open Source in Greece

I have been having a discussion over the open-source mailing list about approaches of FLOSS to government or public sector agencies, etc. Many opinions were offered and much wisdom was proffered but the sad fact remains. There is very little software development in Greece, even less in new technologies and even tinier done on or for open source projects.

As much as I hate to admit it, my country does not care about science especially the science of computing. That is because not only education is so severely underfunded but because the people have been conditioned to only value the quick buck, even if that means cheating. So long live the easy solutions of cut and paste M$oft development and no brain power spent on developing anything.


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Software Project Management 101

Angelos’s Project completion theorem:

Any project taking N time units to get to 90% completion state, takes 2*N time units to get to 95% completion status.

From then on the curve is exponentially asymptotic: 100% is unachievable, only Allah is complete.

Too much security

Is a bad thing , to quote myself.

I finally got the two versions of RautorViewer to play nice with Java Web Start ! Seems that an unsigned application will drown JfileChooser with absolutely no errror or warning. So the Lite version works speedily with local files, whereas the humongous full version can access session over FTP servers.

Now I have to figure out how the httpclient stuff works with VFSJFileChooser


The more I work with Java, the more I appreciate Perl!

So much broken stuff ,so much cruft, jeez, still swing is a decent interface for UIs, something that is lacking in Perl.

Rautor (ΤιτανοΡουφιανιέρα)

Rautor now has an embedded web server at port 2222 ( configurable via RRS). Now all one needs to keep an eye on one’s kids or subordinates is a browser.

Η λέξη ρουφιανιέρα (ruffianiere) είναι ρικουδισμός!

Rautor Viewer

Rautor Viewer can now be run directly from your browser at

This will enable users of rautor to run with minimal installations..

Honey vs Sugar

“No money no honey” is the case when you cannot afford commercial software. So if you want your cake and eat it too, use some sugar, Open Source sugar.