Monthly Archives: August 2009

Psychologists aaaaaargh

I have been trying to market rautor to a few people around my country and I have run into an issue that I expect to be prevalent around the world.

Although most non technically oriented people are  known for their aversion to technology at large the internet has made them even more so. Case and point is that some child psychologists outright refuse the idea of monitoring a child’s usage  of their computer because then “the parent loses the child’s trust”. I am not competent or knowledgeable in psych to be able to counter this claim but I do have an opinion or two of my own.

First of all the idea or rautor or other equivalent programs is not to stifle the kids but to monitor them. In any case when children become competent enough at a certain age with a new technology, they far surpass their parents and it is impossible to control them, the issue is to protect them during their formatting years. In any case while a child is growing up , its parents constantly monitor it, either by eavesdropping in its phone conversations or by peeping into its playroom in subtle or less so manner. I  consider monitoring internet usage just such a case, not to mention that rautor can be configured to be active ONLY when a certain program starts running on the computer, all the other time it is in-operational.

Secondly monitoring and auditing can certainly be abused by any parent to brow beat their children. But in an abuse case, how do you trace the child’s online behavior and who has it been in contact with ? This is the gap that rautor is trying to fill, overseeing of behavior.

Please feel free to post your comments, I at least am interested as both the developer and a dad.