Monthly Archives: February 2009

Slowdown's UpBeat Rythm not Blues

This economic downturn cum recession is absolutely horrendous, yet there are ways a creative mind can use this slowdown to one’s advantage in a simple upbeat fashion.

Every IT department that I have worked in has a number of servers and services that were set up in hurry and then abandoned to fester. This slow decay inexorably leads to outdated services and constant moaning of what the company would prefer to have as weapons against the competition. Since the department now has ample time due to lack of fresh projects, it is a fine time to do the laundry , finally!

Re-install a fresh OS, re-install new versions of spam checkers, virus checkers, etc. Consolidate services and servers, eliminate sprawl and save on hardware. Use the hardware you saved to create new services. Eliminate unnecessary trials that have failed and no one seems to care enough to take down. etc. etc. etc. The staff will be kept happy, busy and creative, and who knows, they might even come up with an idea for a service that out leaps the competition while thinking hard how to redo more with less.

Or you can sit on your ever expanding rears and berate your luck and bemoan your fate and await for the unavoidable which of course will come since you have precipitated its visitation by your inaction.