A shroud over the mind

On the knowledge economy of the Internet era.

Whereas I am a great proponent of technology and the internet as a collaboration medium I have come to realize that its effect is that of a shroud over the mind.

The sheer amount of data / quotes / papers available, makes us think that we indeed live in the knowledge era but this is not so. The data presented are only skin deep and there is rarely any way to breach the surface tension of the shroud and dive into the deep associations that make this data surface.

As such I am more apt to declare that the true knowledge based society was that of the Renaissance when people really tried to understand the mechanics of the world, whereas nowadays any fake authority drives people to make un-researched assumptions. I therefore propose a balanced approach to the so called “knowledge” economy: let’s delve back into simple things such as fine literature which teaches subtly and more deeply than any projector presentation.

Then we can use the Internet to its true and full potential, already armed with a critical mind: The Net is a powerful yet ultimately dangerous weapon, it is a substitute for what makes us truly human: our thinking. It is not accidental that there is an synchronous raise in number of PhDs   who are functional illiterates at the same time.


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  1. Joe Martel says:

    […] A shroud over the mind […]

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