Harq’ al’Ada

I have been listening and reading all sorts of proposals on what Greece needs so that it can recover from its endemic recession. Many politicians and economics scientists, including the notorious Varoufakis, propose this recipe and that playbook that has worked in the past in this country or that region.

Quite frankly everything is going to fail for a single reason: Greece refuses to change the habits that are pushing towards the same fate as Atlantis. The country is rife with cronyism and sub educated supernumerary public sector employees to point out the most glaring problems.

What Greece needs is what the venerated Frank Herbert wrote throughout his work: the “Harq al’Ada”: the breaking of the habit. It is the same meme that Marvin Minsky denotes when he says: “Try to surprise yourself by the way you think today”. The old ways and the stale ancestor worshiping must end.

All that we Greeks knew, all that we know, is useless. We have to adapt or we will be overcome by our very own deficiencies  that is the gist of the 20th century and we are already treading water in the 21st. Adapting means changing fundamentally, in habits as well as values and I am calling on all intelligent people to get involved or Atlantis will no longer by an ancient myth.


2 thoughts on “Harq’ al’Ada

  1. adamo says:

    Modern Greeks are the equivalent of Museum Fremen

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