My openstack experience from two years ago can be summarized in the following bullets:

  • openStack tries too hard to be Amazon compatible with all the bad legacy that issue brings with it
  • No easy way for windows support. The low level disk emulation driver required XP to jump through hoops. I hate to think what may happen with window 7,8 etc.
  • Notoriously undocumented and difficult to set up. I am a 20 year linux veteran with extensive low level programming knowledge and I only managed to set up my toy cluster in about four days. Imagine an enterprise support team trying to pull that off.
  • Tech support ! yeah right, all the companies supporting openstack are pumping money into development. Only a tiny handful are actually operating it with heroic devops teams!
  • No real economies of scale. Nodes MUST have a lot of local storage and images are shuffled through the net quite often. It only makes sense when using cheap SATA drives, but that does not funk well at enterprise grade data centers.
  • All in all it plays the role of disposable computing so well that it is, well, disposable

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