Linux administrators’ Expertise Levels

This is my list of levels of expertise in systems’ engineering, linux/unix administration and generally in the field of IT where I happen to make my living. Take with a pinch of salt and a shot of tequila.

  • Tinkerers do not care about downtime, they will watch a movie instead.
  • Amateurs think that by moving to AWS they will have no downtime.
  • Beginners can handle downtime with a dash of panic.
  • Seasoned Engineers handle downtime just fine.
  • Experts have a gut feeling for it and when it will happen.
  • Masters can tell you what will fail why and when, before you even realize there is a problem.
  • Zen Grand Masters avoid all this _sh.t_ completely and opt for a beach instead.

Oddly enough tinkerers and Zen masters follow the same path and the term Expert does not appear in the original Hacker’s Dictionary .


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