The Universe rotates around an axis of pure Irony

If there is an axis around which the universe rotates, then it is Irony.

Irony is pandimensional, unrestricted by our current understanding of physical laws and all permeating.  Irony is probably the glue force or elemental particle or ultradimensional string or what have you that researchers should consider in their grand unifying theory of everything.  At least everything that revolves around the human condition and causes bitter laughter.

Examples of universal Irony:

By the time you understand how this world works you are too old to enjoy it, isn’t that ironic?

If you marry the girl that you are infatuated with, you lose that infatuation, isn’t that ironic ?

Good employees are the ones that get all the shitty work because the boss knows they will perform. Slackers get less work because they are slackers and are slack with their duties, isn’t that ironic?

Bad debtors get more cash to help them repay old debts, those who pay regularly cannot even request  an application to fill in for another loan. Isn’t this ironic ? Probably, but not funny these days, especially after the fiscal crisis.

You spent 40 years in school only to graduate with already dated knowledge, isn’t that ironic ?

I am spending time to right clever ditties down only no one will read them. Isn’t that ironic?

The west is democratic but it fosters autocratic rulers elsewhere, that would be ironic if it wasn’t so inhuman.

The hungrier the children in Afrikia the reacher the charities that claim to help them, isn’t that ironic?

The more secure you think you are  the easier the next hax0r kid will  crack your systems, isn’t that ironic?.

The Japanese made Sci-Fi horror flicks of a Gozzira afflicted by radiation, now they have to live through the reality or disaster in their nuclear plants, not to mention that they are now moving their families to Hiroshima and Nagasaki prefectures. This would be ironic if the disaster was not so massive.


go ahead sent me your irony


5 thoughts on “The Universe rotates around an axis of pure Irony

  1. adamo says:

    “The cloud eliminates the need for systems’ administration”

  2. Χνουδωτο Μωβ Ρικουδι says:

    Are you absolutely sure you want ME to send you my irony? :>

  3. adamo says:

    I think this is an unbeatable example.

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