Rubber band work force

Can total work force flexibility help an organization ?

I find it very hard to believe that disassociating one from one’s colleagues or peers helps an organization in the long run. I would think that it slowly disintegrates it while upper management pats itself on its back.

Certainly some flexibility is always required / deserved for star employees , but I strongly believe that management and leadership in general are practiced with a bit of nuance and that is awfully difficult to achieve over a DSL line.


One thought on “Rubber band work force

  1. Kyriakos Oikonomakos says:

    I think truth is somewhere in the middle. There are certain jobs that can be flexible, and others that it’s just impossible. I’ve been working remotely full time for the past 3-4 years and I think that I have enough arguments to support both sides. At the end of the day it comes down to the individuals and their ability to focus on the job instead of wandering aimlessly in their home “working”.

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