The real executive Talents

This is a repost of an answer on LI:

What are your own most valuable Executive talents you would offer to an employer?

My take on that has always been that the most important value is the triptych “Patience, Perseverance, Ethos“. All else are just affectations that are picked up during a professional’s life time.

  1. Patience with others, patience when facing adversity, patience while overcoming obstacles, patience to make one’s fortune.
  2. Perseverance towards one’s targets. Persevere towards one’s goals like a wolf relentlessly chasing its pray mile after unending mile.
  3. Ethos in the work milieu, ethos in the market. Do not compromise for a quick grasp.  Lack of ethos will probably create wealth quickly and easily  but will not sustain it. Remember prince Madoff ?

An executive’s personality must be build on  a solid foundation as noted  above no matter the weight of the resume, their technical prowess, academic achievement  or posts they manned.

It is extremely important to also note that this is the self same principles that were and are the foundations  of all great people.  Study  Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer etc. etc.  and one can easily see this triptych always present at their core.


2 thoughts on “The real executive Talents

  1. Maikol says:

    Wouldn’t you include Inspiration/Leadership? I believe an executive should possess strong inspiration and leadership skills in order to be able and drive others, become a motive herself.

    • kangelos says:

      Thank you for your comment, and yes you are right there are other qualities of interest in an exec, but what I am referring to is the base, the distilled foundation of one’s character.

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