The finest form of flattery

Got an email from Mr. Jacques Hullu, thank you Jacques by the way. He developped pyShot which is a rautor inspired python application for auditing windows and other systems. Give pyShot a shot 🙂

Seems to me that there is some action in the open source security / auditing arena, and this is a good thing. The last thing we all need is cryptoware from unknown entities to monitor us, we can handle it ourselves thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “The finest form of flattery

  1. Jacques says:

    New pyshot update is available ; now in 0.3.
    Some nice features :
    * Load-balancing and failover with gearman,
    * MySQL backend,
    * ogg compression,
    * improve HTML5 WebUI.
    * Auth use DSML.
    and more…

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