BeneBacterial Software

I am very proud to announce  my first ever program that exhibits infectious characteristics yet is beneficial to the user of the infected PC. I will not call it viral because somebody else has already coined the phrase beneviral and because it is large enough not to be considered a virus and it is not as  pesky as a virus either.

Specifically kidns.exe is a win32 tray application that locks your PC’s DNS settings to a set of my DNS servers that are configured for OPENDNS.COM‘s child protection set.

It’s infectious characteristics are that:

  • It copies itself under c:windows or wherever your %windir% might be.
  • It mangles the registry so that it fires up during the PC’s start up sequence.
  • There is not exit functionality from the tray icon!
  • It is resilient to kill from the task manager, meaning that the DNS settings remain if it is killed but not unlocked properly!

I have not created an uninstaller as of yet since I wanted to make it difficult for children to uninstall it, but removing  it is as easy as pie. To completely remove it do the following:

  1. Delete the application from C:Windows or wherever your %windir% is.
  2. Fire up regedit and remove the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunKIDNS .
  3. Reboot of follow the unlocking procedure.

Although the program has not exit option, a parent/guardian can unlock the PC by doing the following little song and dance:

  1. Fire up the windows notepad application. Hint: clicking on start->run type notepad.exe and click OK.
  2. Visit the Unlock phrase web page at
  3. Copy this phrase verbatim in the notepad window and voila in a couple of seconds KIDNS will t try to undo all it benefits and announce it too.

Caveats: Things might get awry if you already have an opendns account. Do not use kidns.exe in a corporate environment where you might have other Name Servers  like the ones for Active Directory. The unlock phrase is dynamic visit it often. The software is useless against older kids, they are too technologically savvy.

Have fun! Try to visit after intalling kidns.exe 🙂


One thought on “BeneBacterial Software

  1. I don’t think any of the behaviours you describe warrant calling it ‘infectious’ – what you are offering people to install is a ‘complex to uninstall’ application. A bit like a Microsoft service pack, for example!

    Personally, I would concentrate on giving kids low privilege accounts and ensure DNS is provided from the home router by DHCP – but I appreciate that this is not necessarily as easy for ‘normal people’ as opposed to those in the industry.

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