Open Source in Greece

I have been having a discussion over the open-source mailing list about approaches of FLOSS to government or public sector agencies, etc. Many opinions were offered and much wisdom was proffered but the sad fact remains. There is very little software development in Greece, even less in new technologies and even tinier done on or for open source projects.

As much as I hate to admit it, my country does not care about science especially the science of computing. That is because not only education is so severely underfunded but because the people have been conditioned to only value the quick buck, even if that means cheating. So long live the easy solutions of cut and paste M$oft development and no brain power spent on developing anything.


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3 thoughts on “Open Source in Greece

  1. tsakf says:

    Yes, but the exception (FLOSS enthusiasts), verify the rule. (A well know Greek proverb)

  2. Panos says:

    I believe the luck of will is our problem.

    The luck of will for the systems-software engineers to embrace the opensource community due to lazyness. But they are also blind. There are opoensource frameworks out there that shine like the sun.

    The luck of will, for the management in almost all companies out there, to trust the opensource community. This undefined fear of supportless software (even though this is a well supported myth). And there are 5 opensource solutions for every commecial one but who cares.


  3. Panos says:

    luck = lack
    opoensource = opensource

    I did it again…

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