Microsoft , gotta love it.

Many years ago, more than I care to recount, I got a job opposite the World Trace Center as a C programmer to maintain a largish DOS application. Remember the Microsoft C compiler of the time ?  It had various memory models like the tiny, small , huge etc. After fighting code bloat for a few months  I decided to try the huge memory model of the compiler that would allow me to use extended memory and help the product a bit. Lo and behold everything compiles just fine  without warnings, so I fire up the application and it dies on the spot.

Luckily we were using the best debugger of the time Turbo Debugger ! So I start tracing my code, and I find out that the application dies when I call printf which is the most basic C function to print something to the screen. What happened is that the linker was linking the wrong libraries, to be specific a call to printf was implemented as push stack segment, push stack offset , call the function, but the code within the function was: pop stack pointer , go on. Obviously the variables were trashed and the program crashed. Soon after that I left the company for my masters degree and haven’ t worked with microsoft tools until recently…

Switch back into the modern day and age. I am constantly honing my abilities in the programming field so I decided to get a grip on the C# programming environment figuring that after two decades they would have gotten their act together. Surprise, surprise,after fighting with visual studio express for a few hours, it promptly crashed on me. Thankfully I did not have any important work going on at the time. Still I am not deterred, I will even figure out why the god forsaken implementation of ldapsearch does no subtree searches …. I am told to use the novell dlls, sigh…


One thought on “Microsoft , gotta love it.

  1. Panos says:

    LOL – LDAP and M$ don’t get along… still, even ldap connectivity implementation on java is … peculiar. So I would not expect better results from M$.
    As for VS you are just unlucky. To be honest, I have 2 versions of VS (2005-2008), with all the service packs, SDKs, template editors, bells and wistles (even adobe flex support) – (you know me 🙂 ). I had no crash til now. Of course I had some low performance issues and stuff but no crashes whatsoever. FYI I am not a M$ supporter or evengelist.
    As for the C compiler … ooo my god … what a nightmare … peace brother …

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