Abandon hope all ye who enter here. That is the sign above the entrance to Dante’s Inferno and quite frankly it should also  be above the entrance to most Telecoms in Greece right now.

The market has been  turmoil, so much so that a number of small operators closed up shop and a number of medium to large ones are merging or are being acquired. We , the workers, all knew that this day would come, we just hoped it would be postponed indefinitely. Unfortunately the days of reckoning are  upon us, and that brings me to the topic of this blog entry, despair and depression.

When one sees the faces of co-workers one can only see anxiety an despair. The times are tough and a layoff can be disastrous for a family man or quite frankly for everyone. In these difficult and trying times my only consolation to my work force is the following simple mantra:

I do not know what is in store for us, what I know is that we have worked hard as team and built elegant systems and kept the shop going while others sat on their haunches bemoaning their fate. If you do not trust yourself and your abilities, if you doubt whether you will make it or not, stand back and recount your work. Trust your work and your efforts, it has been good and valuable and if things work out the way they are supposed to work in this life, the value of your toils will become apparent. Trust your work and count on that trust. Artifacts, which is what you artisans make, have a tendency to seek out their creators. Trust your cerebral children and they will lead the way back to you.

This little mantra has been quite effective to keep my team’s morale from sliding down the ravine of despair. That and a good stream of work therapy


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