Organic foods and cholesterol

To my wife’s insistent coaxing, married people will understand, I got myself a blood test for the various nasties that flow within all of us.  Much to my surprise I found out that my cholesterol went down from 260 to 220 within a year without major effort. What changed is that we have largely switched as a family to organic foods, mostly because of our daughter. We are trying to give her as healthy a kick start as we can, and since we all sit on the same table, we all eat the same food. Oh yes we do follow the Mediterranean diet since we live in the neighborhood, but I do not think that had any effect since we have been following it forever. I did not make any sacrifices, we still get the occasional pizza or gyro, occasional right that is once in a fortnight or so.

So any doctors out there willing to speculate on metabolisms going haywire because of chemicals?


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