Toot toot: that's my own horn!

Allow me the vanity to toot my own horn for a post. I live in Greece among denizens who are mostly paranoid about the use of the internet. There has been a lot of hullaballoo on the local media of child porn and child abuse cases that have happened with the aid of the internet. So parents, rightfully to a point, are suspicious.

So I started thinking, what would Mme. Maria like to have so she could sleep with the knowledge that her kid is not accosted online ? I came up with the auditor solution, i.e. save a full copy of the kid’s session including screen copies, key strokes and quite everything I could get of the PC. So I sat down and wrote rautor. It will save all of the above info and the parent can then replay like a video the user’s/child’s session.

Now being that Mme. Maria is paranoid, why would she trust me that I am not eavesdropping with my code ? So I have made it available on line on project rautor. I hope this will be enough to quell the paranoid streak in the average home keeper.

I have also another little ‘stein in the works. A little tray application that forces browsers to use a certain proxy for browsing. This way one can deploy a content filtering proxy like dansguardian and with the aid of “kidmon” can sleep easy that the kids will not browse offending content.

Now all I need is someone to finance deployment.


3 thoughts on “Toot toot: that's my own horn!

  1. adamo says:

    Please include an option to your proxy to use OpenDNS

  2. Richard Cheney says:

    I am interested in playing back web sessions. Please send details, hardware and software. Must fit inside a man-sized locker.

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