Dynomite economics

Anyone knows of the dynomite game? Two sugary cute dinosaurians hurl colored bubbles to a multi-hued sky comprised almost totally by blocks and impositions or other pretty bubbles. The aim is to bust ( note the word ) , coalesced groups of same colored balloons. If you miss too many times to match colors the sky falls down upon you in the shape of a huge saurian foot and Game Over.

Now lets do a gedanken experiment. Replace in your mind’s eye the dinosaurs with government functionaries or central bankers if you feel like going extreme. Replace the colored bubbles that are being hurled to the sky with measures to increase trade, safeguard jobs, business incentives etc. Replace finally the bubbly sky with your view of the global economy, say one bubble for the internet boom, one for the real estate, one for the e-security bubble, one for the telecoms bubble and so forth and so on. Add a few roadblocks to spice things up, say protectionism, racketeering, cronyism what have you. Now do you get the picture of the global economy? It is in a truly bubbly state and I am not talking about champagnial effervescence.

The dinosaurians together with various other orders of the reptilian phylum, are hard at work tossing up as many pearly textured balloons as they can, trying to bust bubbles at a controlled rate. The multi-billion dollar question is: do they have what it takes not to bring the firmament down on us all ?

Since I am on the subject, allow me to finish with this note. This current crisis that we are living, in the year two thousand and nine, is yet another bubble. This particular one is a nasty one. As it inflates and travels towards the cutesy bubbly sky, it pushes away people’s livelihoods and rights . It compresses adjacent bubbles of income and squeezes people out of breath and stamina. It crushes patience and humanity out of us and makes us all afraid , very afraid. It’s ultimate function as a fear inducer has exceeded its expectations by far, and as the Bene Gesserit say: Fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death …


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