LDAPsearch no more

I am impressed, no I really am, I mean it, really. I downloaded the Apache Directory Studio and was struck dumb. To understand why that was I have to take you to a drive down memory lane.

I have designed,developed and supported much of the structure of modern Greek e-mail systems. While at HOL, I designed at least three different customer e-mail subsystems all around an LDAP cluster, one for corporate customers, one for retail and a few for Virtual ISPs utilizing HOL as a platform. Currently at my work in Vivodi I have migrated the aging stand stand alone vpopmail system to a dynamic parallel system around an LDAP infrastructure. I even discovered that the way I created user accounts is now called two-stage commit.

All of the above work was done mostly by paper and pencil and typing at the command line of linux consoles. Anyone who has used a command like the following will appreciate my chagrin.
ldapsearch -x -h ldapserver -W -D cn=root,o=top -b o=top objectClass=qmailUser
No I am not a masochist, I did not enjoy this kind of work a single bit.Yet I learned so much from it that now I can use an ADS to do single sign on across all my data centers, but that is another story. I tried using some ready made tools like phpmyadmin and such , but they needed more hand holding than I did. Still the work was done and all was quiet once more.

Recently I was thinking along re-visiting the ldap designer issue when a colleague mentioned the Apache Directory Studio. One download later and I was dumbstruck. These people at the Apache Foundation deserve all the kudos they get. The application is seamless, transparent, easy to use and powerful. It has a bit too flamboyant an interface but beats the socks out of scrolling back your terminal to review base64 encoded ldap entries. I was so impressed that I have decided to review even my dislike for java. The application is written in java and it’s great. Who knows I just might sit down and learn that old language.

Kudos, congratulations, salutations and three cheers. Keep up the good work people.


One thought on “LDAPsearch no more

  1. Angelos Karageorgiou says:

    Following up to myself I have written my first java application. Interested netcats can get it from my web site, look for ridiculously oversimplified java mailer.

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