Tireless Innovation sprach

There is so much hullaballoo about innovation, innovative approaches, innovation coaching, inno this , inno that, so much so that I get dizzy. PHD candidates and managers alike are trying to quantify and categorize what is this property called innovation.

Well it follows some of the footsteps of decades past in the quest for what quality is. Anyone of the old timers who has read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig, will probably understand what I am referring to.

There are elusive qualities in the software running between our ears. Sometimes we can box them up and sell them, so we become entrepreneurs or coaches. Sometimes we can just point at the way in which case we are termed gurus and teachers. One such teacher is Marvin Minsky of the famed MIT A.I. lab. I believe that he has captured the essence of innovation in an interview in a greek Magazine about twenty years ago.

Dr Misky said something like: “I enjoy surprising myself by the way I think of old problems“. And as far as I am concerned that is the true essence of innovation.


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