Why not all superb technologists become millionaires ? It is a a problem of values really.

Technologists much like artists, especially the superb ones, value the art behind their creations, their measure, as old hackers used to say, is how elegant a solution is, how divine the idea how refined the approach. Think of it as a fine painting that may have an appeal to the populace but often enough it would not make any connection with the world at large.

Entrepreneurs on the other hand value the monetary level behind their creations. They could care less of design and elegance unless it increases the profit margin, and guess what if one cares about money he/she will make money more often than not.

Think for a moment, right now I am developing a non intrusive voip quality measurement system that will be able to run on windows/linux and on embedded platforms. Had I stopped for a minute to consider who would buy this, I would have dropped the idea. Yet I am running the creator’s fever, I will not be able to relax unless I finish it.

The few enlightened individuals that can cross the chasm are called geniuses by us humbler beings. People like John Walker the creator of AutoCad have created both splendid work and a few fortunes to last. I do not include the well known William in this list, I do not consider him a technologist.

Thank god that there are some technology millionaires so that not all kids will have Trump as their idol!


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