What is your busines really worth ?

This is a stealth security post, read on.

We all know that we line in the post industrial world, the services oriented, nee computerized services oriented business world. We are inundated by myriads of service companies, either financial, real estate, advertising, education etc. etc. ad nauseam. All these organizations share some common trends. They are all computerized, the communicate via well established networks, they have sales people, IT support people, managers what have you. So how much exactly is such a company worth?

Allow me first to attribute a phrase to my colleague Mr. Metaxas that is a company is worth its latest backup. Now to take this a step further I ask what is the differentiating factor between service institutions? What makes one richer and the other poorer? What is each company worth ? A service corporation is worth exactly as much as one can valuate its data, excluding physical assets like buildings and such, although with some institutions the value of latter are puny compared to the funds managed.

Information security is then akin to safeguarding the company’s monies. Sharing, losing your data means that you dilute your own value, you truly and really give away money. The people employed in the clandestine branches of various operations know this all too well, and so should all the other ones of us realize. As we guard our doors so should we guard our data or phase the certainty of loss.


  1. Nowadays with ITC services being commodity, creating a service business is easy and cheap. It does not require the vast expenditures heavy industries require. Still it does not mean that everyone can become an entrepreneur. Information is immaterial of ITC systems, it exists whether it is being processed or not. IT makes it easier to manipulate and derive value from it , but it is not in and by itself a mean to money making. As an example review the number of web sites created by people tryin to make money out of thin ether with some cooky idea or other. The vast majority of them will shut down for no other reason than no true content to the information they gleam.
  2. Google then is really worth a lot of money since it has managed to process and contain vast amounts of information that are worth quite a bit of money to the right people.
  3. Who is paying for Google’s data processing abilities ? Advertising companies or clandestine ops?
  4. Are you really worht anything if you are completely open? Now that is an absolute dematerialised service.

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