Running alone and finishing second

I am very disappointed yet once more with SUN microsystems, it seems that finishing second while in a race all by themselves has become their modus operandi.

Historically, while they were playing the open code game and sharing NFS and other such goodies with the community, they were reaping enormous financial benefits. Then some really smart guys came up with the java language, a network centric rework of the idea of the UCSD P-system. Now what did the business geniuses do ? Instead of opening up the language and the code, they spent zillions into marketing it. Well it eventually caught on and under pressure from the community they have now opened it up realizing the error of their ways. The monies spent cannot be recaptured not to mention the market share that other companies have managed to built while SUN was trying to safeguard their “Intellectual Property”. Second at their very own very lonely race.

Unfortunately history is being repeated with MySQL as I type. They bought a wonderful little DB company with a smashing product and while trying to assimilate it they not only managed to fire/dismiss key people of the project but also failed to realize what the driving force is behind this and other FLOSS projects. It does not require blackmail licenses like pricing per CPU heat sink fins and no costly support contracts. Well guess what, a MySQL enterprise support contract is costly, granted not as befuddlingly skyscraperish like that other db yet it still requires a considerable lump of cash for something that was up till now practically free. They are again finishing second at their very own race without any competition, oh well there is a superior product called postgresql but it is not fashionable no big market share.

Guys and girls oh please get it together, I would very much like to replace that other DB with mysql, but I demand at least an order of magnitute cheaper support contracts. Just slashing costs in half as they say is not good enough. MySQL was healthy making do with much less than what you require.

Please be smart, do learn from your very own mistakes. Now if you were geniouses you would have learned from other people’s mistakes.


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