Please sit comfortably on the couch

Oh I love it, all these mentors and effectiveness teachers and emotional quotient lessons, I mean it maaaaam – to quote the Sex Pistols.

Oh come on , what has happened to us for some “professional” to be able to sell us psycho babble about listening to our colleagues? Have we grown up without friends and now we have to be told, taught more like it, how to be respectful of others? Are we in danger of our private space to be violated by any and all so we shut down the blinds and some grifter has to be paid to find out the person hiding inside our armor?

What I see is a whole class of people who feel terrified of losing their status, be it jobs positions or privileges, so that they shut everybody out. They draw a veil over themselves, they cast a shadow over their soul to maintain distance and clout. That is probably the sure most way for one to lose what is most valuable in life, what the french call “joie de vivre”, and sometimes I moniker “the vibrancy of sharing achievements and also failures if need be”. Unfortunately this life under the shadow eclipses the soul totally, it stops one from partaking in life.

Was it not Shakespeare that claimed that life is a stage and us actors in it? Let’s then be like actors. Let us expose ourselves, free ourselves from the shadow, not feel guilty or sorry for our shortcomings. Oh I forget, of course we do not have shortcomings us the leaders of people, we are superhuman, we share nothing in common right ? Wrong we are probably much more vulnerable than every body else because we have to bear the burden to support for our ranks like generals and fathers/mothers at the same time.

I admit it, I do not only love the technology, I love interfacing with people with their fully personality turned on. Not all attempts to communicate are successful, there are ornery and closed people out there. Yet the ones that manage to integrate into more than a working environment to a business camaraderie form invariably forces to reckoned with.


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