Twilight Elephants

In every company that I have worked at, in each and every data center, in every single rack, I have witnessed damage done, but noone was involved. Indeed there are events that take place in every data center and in every rack in existence that are plain and simply inexplicable. There may be cables torn, servers unmounted, power switches thrown off and no single technician was working on or nearby the affected system. No one has an explanation about the incident, nobody knows anything about it. But I know: it is the indigenous to the data center horde of tiny pink elephants.

These minuscule animals inhabit the recesses of the raised flooring of every data center in existence. They have sensitive ears so after a while the din of the cooling fans and the air conditioning causes them stress. The stress mounts up and to alleviate it they stampede. In their uncontrollable rush through the data center, always in the absence of humans, they trample underfoot all sorts of equipment. And that is why there are unexplainable incidents at work.

You don’t believe me ? Next time there is some damage in your infrastructure ask your technicians: Whodunit? You will indubitably come to the same conclusion as I have.


One thought on “Twilight Elephants

  1. dark5un says:

    I have seen them… Most of the times they unplug cables… some other times they just press random power buttons lol…

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