Manage not thy Coiffure

Beware if you are a control freak or micro manager do not read further instead follow this link.

A mainstay of chit chat around office watering holes is often times the managerial coiffures, or lack of thereof. Yet technology management is not about how handsome a hairdo (coiffure) one spots, but how much effort one puts in getting out of other people’s hair. I often get the urge to get involved with every job that arouses its head at the job. Then after a few exercises in calming my not so natural urges, I delegate the job out. It may sometimes take longer to complete but it has a more lasting flavor to it.

The advantages of this approach are at the very least: a)The job is still done, b) The person who requested it will now have a direct contact point other than yourself. c) The team as a whole, provided that it comprises of mature adults, grows more tightly woven as they become more respectful of each others abilities. The disadvantage is that you get some flak sometimes, but you got to have some on the job training for your forces and that is not bloodless.

Corollary: I can go to vacation knowing that my omniscient presence is not absolutely necessary to continuously grease the mental cogs and gears of the operation.


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