Netvertising NOT!

Oh the papers and studies of advertising campaigns on the net. Oh the successes and failures thereof and academic careers launched on the study of their second order statistics. I cannot presume to possess the knowledge of why things workout or not in the net advertising field, but here is a little spice to stir things up.

Free TV broadcasting is sponsored by the ads. We put up with the ads so we can enjoy the medium, we do not pay for it. The web / internet is something the user is paying for via access fees, line fees what have you therefore the average paying subscriber thinks that
it is NOT acceptable to be inundated by advertising. Just think how far cable TV would have gone if it was charging AND accepting advertising at the same time, nowhere.

simple ye great minds: I pay I have rights; I do not pay, I willfully forfeit some of my rights. If you want online ads to work you must give something substantial back for free. Say free telephone time if your user listens to a 15 second ad spiel before their call goes through. Also give your customers the choice to decline the ad and be charged normally for the call . While I am on a roll here is another one, free internet access with a front end system that will redirect the user’s browsing to a sponsor’s ad at about 5 to 10 minute intervals. All these technologies are readily available today on FOSS platforms all it takes is for an adcritter to see the light.

And by the way, please do away with the expression “in your face” in all kinds of promotions. When people, ads, things get “In my face” I turn the other way around. I expect most normal people do so also.


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