Quels Chevaliers ?

Let us not forget the beautiful French language in this all anglic speaking world.

The expression sprung to my mind on cogitating upon strategic plans and how most of them do not come to fruition, even though vast sums of money are spent on consultants. A strategic plan that does not take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the troops is not worth the paper it was presented on. A strategos must not only be able to inspire his troops but also know of what they are capable of doing and under what conditions, how far they can be pushed and who to throw at the front line.

If Le General commands: Attaque les Chevaliers he does not expect to hear Les Chavaliers? Quels Chevaliers ? A Chevalier is not the same as La Cavalerie, the former are heavily armored knights on battle hardened mounts, the latter at best a good fighting force, at worse a collection of men on quadrapeds that would rather munch on some leafy arboreal appendage than participate in this human ritual of carnage called war.

Strategic plans that fail to differentiate the troops as above are no more than exercises among colleagues belonging to the same mutual appreciation society. I will not stoop so low as to insinuate that there are consultants who misreport on the strategic resources of a corporation on purpose…


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