I grok, he groks, do they grok?

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to sit in to a lecture given by professor Clemons of the Wharton school of business. If I can describe the experience with a a one liner that that is “He groks the net economy“. Now that might be quite obvious in the professor’s circles, but to me as a techie it was not. His views were focused and presented in a clear and concise manner. A truly eye opening lecture, many thanks professor, and if you are reading this, can we please have the lecture notes?

Unfortunately I was distressed by the attitude presented by one of the MBA students present, which I suspect is prevalent in those circles. The student asked “Given the fact that everybody cheats why shouldn’t I do it when I become an exec?” The answer is of course self-evident, and Dr. Clemons articulated simply as: you can only built businesses upon mutual trust, not abuse of it. I guess some students need more grokking tutoring.


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