Copycatting the Sumerians

Once upon a time I used to work for a company that prided itself on its technical prowess. And the people were good, and they could really code, and design and built quite anything they liked. Unfortunately that led to the belief that they were the smartest people on the planet excluding Google of course.

The net result was that we rebuilt so many trivial things that I came to describe that procedure by the following adage:We design wheels on the sand using sticks and flour. We sit back and congratulate each other our prowess at flour linings, when the rest of the world is driving six cylinder sedans on alloy wheels. The Sumerians were exceedingly successful at inventing the wheel, no need to emulate them any more.

Needless to say that the team has been disbanded. The people are still smart, most of them anyway.


One thought on “Copycatting the Sumerians

  1. onliner says:

    lol !

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