The publicsectorization law

Any organization, when it reaches a critical mass, interdepartmental communication becomes so slow and processes so bogged down that it resembles the operation of a public sector agency in mid-August after the clerks had had a large lunch.

The critical mass is of course the size of the company but it is variable with each organization and dependent on structure not absolute numbers.


4 thoughts on “The publicsectorization law

  1. Vikram says:

    Hi Angelos

    Thank you for your comment.
    Why do you feel that 3,000 people is the critical mass?

    Is there any scientific research that you have used to base that statement on? Or is it just your experience?
    I am curious to know?

  2. kangelos says:

    This is totally a field observation.

    What you see as the number 3000 as a critical mass varies widely depending on structure and culture. In other words for your millieu you critical mass is at 3000. You must restructure at this point.

    For my millieu it is much less 😦

  3. adamo says:

    I know of organizations where the critical mass is slightly higher than the Dunbar number

  4. I had no Idea such a thing existed: Dunbar’s Number

    Sociology/anthropology should be included in the MBA curricula !

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