Marxism, not really

Employee empowerment is the current buzzword in HR/managerial studies andd I have just realized that I practice this spiel. I run an I.T. team, both programmers and sysadmins under linux/solaris and windows.After many years on the field, I have found out that the following rules work good for my teams and probably others as well.

  1. You need a trained,mature, and responsible work force.
  2. A lot of people will come and go until you stabilize with the right team.Some you might send on their merry way yourself.
  3. Might as well forget about punishment, just direct the staff via mentoring in case of mishaps.
  4. Be ready to take the flack in case of any of your team’s fu__ups.
  5. The leader must be involved always with the team as a senior sage not only as a company spokesperson. Which begs the question how do you heard the IT cats to do what must be done and not what they think is best ? go back to step 1.
  6. You must be hands on. Part of the work has to go through you. People do not respect slackers.
  7. Programming is a full contact sport, you leave it , you get beaten up.
  8. Forget the just do it because I tell you line. Once you prove that you know best, they will follow.
  9. Arrange your team’s work and slack time equally well.
  10. Keep on learning the ropes, they change as soon as you think you got the art.

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