Equine Thirst

Why is business process re-engineering not always a raging success? Because it could be described by the following American proverb. “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink“.

But life is much more complicated. It is more like:I have built the channel to bring the water from the river, purified the water, rebuilt the stables, groomed the horses, lead the horses to the channel. Now somebody please convince the bloody animals that they need to drink or they will wither and die“.

River: The global business millieu ( I liked the RiverWorld Saga).
Channel: the local business happenings that can sustain a company
Purification: Specifying how the company can operate successfully.
Somebody: The CEO, Owner, board of trustees, directors etc.
Horses: The executives, middle managers,employees, owners, etc.
Stables: The company at large, material or incorporeal property.
Grooming: Training,re-engineering, etc.
Drinking: The finalization of the business process re-engineering


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