Debuttantes Divas

Fresh blood , especially in today’s warp speed economies, is absolutely essential. It can be used to overcome inherent handicaps that are raised by long time established practices in corporations. A dissociative fresh look at things provided by iconoclasts – aka fresh blood – can literally resurrect a company.

The trick to manage them is to remind them of basic economic principles, that is of the need to be profitable / viable and not only perform overt research and hyped techno-gabble.

Beware though, it could be too damn difficult to manage if the people brought in see themselves as divas who are above the rest. Then it is more like herding cats, a visually pleasing yet impossible and potentially lethal occupation.


One thought on “Debuttantes Divas

  1. onliner says:

    i can definitely put my finger on one or two where i work..

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