Creativity and (?) Management

Creativity is the outward explosion and manifestation of imagination. Every child is born with tons of it, it takes years of brow beating to thwart it. It is my firm belief that it can be cultivated in the workplace. My favorite method is to listen to all of my team’s ideas, viable or not. Once my colleagues understood that speaking up and presenting their ideas is the natural state of things, their cogitative horizon started steadily to expand.

Some of the ideas are far fetched or sometimes down right silly , I never try to poke fun at anyone, just to coach them towards the viability of the solution they present. Often enough I set up minor artificial blocks to test their ideas. This has helped them to further boost their creative output, much like a child tries to find ways to get their hand in the cookie jar. Other times I had to reign them back to accepted business practices when they become too academic/theoretical to be useful.

All in all, creativity can be developed and it is the cornerstone of Innovation.


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